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Czarina Crown Free Crochet Pattern

Hey friends!

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I have a super extra and super fun winter headband pattern for you today using WeCrochet Fable Fur.

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If you keep scrolling, you’ll find the FREE pattern, but ad-free PDF versions are also available on Ravelry, Etsy and my website.



I was brainstorming what I could do with some deliciously soft Fable Fur and knew that I would want this on my head. I’ve been seeing a lot of influencers wearing pillbox style fur hats but thought what if I could make this in a headband version that LOOKS like a pillbox hat, but would be way easier to construct and use less yarn!!

I tried this headband 4 different times before I finally figured out that the easiest way to make this happen was to just create a tube! The double thickness would give it that extra oomph that I was looking for.

I asked you all what this pattern should be called and I looooooved the suggestion of the Czarina Crown. This gave an ode to the Russian vibes I feel in this headband, as Czarina refers to a Russian empress prior to 1917.

If you can do a half double crochet, and are looking for a simple make that’s a statement piece then this is exactly the one for you! Plus it works up in just over an hour so it can be a staple gift!

All the information you need to complete the Czarina Crown can be found below! When making it please be sure to share your work on Instagram and tag me (@by.stephanie.erin) as well as tag your pics with #CzarinaCrown  so that I can check out your projects and you can see everyone else’s Czarina Crown!


Czarina Crown


    • Yarn – WeCrochet Fable Fur
      • Fiber Content – 100% Polyester
      • Colour – Kuma
      • Weight – Super Bulky, Category 6
      • 2 balls
      • 75 (100) yds
    • Darning Needle
    • Scissors
    • Tape Measure
    • Non Rise Soap for blocking
      • I prefer to use Soak! The pineapple scent is my favourite.


7 sts and 5 rows in hdc = 4”


(US Terms)

    • ch chain
    • st(s) stitch(es)
    • sl st slip stitch
    • sc single crochet 
    • hdc half double crochet 
    • pm place marker  


Pattern is written in 2 sizes: Child (Adult). 

The starting number of sts will be the width of your headband, and then you can adjust the length based on the circumference of your or your child’s head to ensure that the Czarina Crown fits perfectly. 

Working with faux fur yarn can be very difficult to see your stitches, try your best to feel each stitch. This will become easier as you complete more stitches. 

Since it is very hard to see your stitches, make sure you are counting the number of sts you are completing each round. You need to have 14 (16) in each round otherwise your headband will start to decrease. 

The width of the headband will be approximately 3.5 (4)“. 



Round 1:  Ch 14 (16), taking care not to twist the chs, join in the round. Ch 1, hdc , pm on first st of round. Hdc 13 (15) around. Do not join with sl st. 14 (16) sts. 

Round 2: Working in a spiral hdc 14 (16). Moving marker up each round to identify the first st of the round. 

Continue repeating Round 2 until your piece measures 18 (20)” in length. If you have a smaller/larger head continue repeating until the piece is at your desired length. You want this to be slightly smaller than the actual circumference of your head so that it will stretch to fit and stay on. You can use stitch markers to hold the ends together to try it on before fastening off if needed. 

Fasten Off, leaving a long tail for seaming. 

It does not matter that this ends unevenly since we worked in a spiral. 


We will now seam the short ends together to finish this headband. We have created a long tube, and we want to seam the headband in a way that will maintain the tube shape and give our headband a seamless look.

Line up the edges and with a darning needle take the tail and sew back and forth from one end to the other working your way around to connect the circumferences of both openings. 


Once you finish working around the edge back to the beginning, make a knot and weave in your end. 

If your seaming isn’t perfect don’t worry! The faux fur yarn is very forgiving. 

Put on your new Czarina Crown and dance around! 

You look great!


Block according to fibre.

I like to soak my wrap in lukewarm water with a non rinse soap like Soak for 20 minutes. Then lay flat to dry on blocking mats or a towel.

Weave in all ends!

Enjoy your new Czarina Crown!

That’s all there is to this simple and easy headband!

If you would like to purchase the ad-free PDF you can at the following links. Thank you so much if you choose to support my small business!

You can find the inexpensive, paid-pattern in these places:

I can’t wait to see how you make the Czarina Crown your own! Be sure to tag me (@by.stephanie.erin) as well as tag your pics with #CzarinaCrown  so I can like them!

Happy crocheting my friends!



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